The craft beer ‘scene’ in Cape Town

15 Nov

The standard hipster anthem is “You probably haven’t heard of it.” which, if it’s true about craft beer, is a travesty. If you haven’t spent half an hour in front of the fridge at Cape Quarter Tops or inside the coolness of Roeland Street Liquours beer fridge, it’s about time you start.

Alliance American Amber Ale

The hard part was putting the beer down long enough to take a pic. I don’t know how Instagram’ers do it.

The latest addition to the Craft Beer scene is the Citizen Alliance American Amber Ale. It’s been available on tap for a while, but it’s now available in bottles, in very cool 4, 12 and 16 packs. And I actually think it is better in the bottle. It has a nice nutty caramel flavor. And not in that “swirling at 15degrees anti-clockwise, with a hint of mint” kind of way. In the “take a sip, look at the label, and lick your lips, and it’s obvious” kind of way.

Another recent discovery I made is Triggerfish. I’ve had it on tap once or twice, but I actually think the flavors are way more prominent in the bottle. Their flavors tend to be nice and obvious and on the sweetish side, and the bottles are 330ml. Sooo, perfect to introduce ladies to. The IPA has a lovely berry flavor, (I’m thinking raspberry or strawberry) and the stout is so very coffee-caramel, it feels like you should wake up to one.

Devil's Peak First Light

Look at the colours, the beauty, the awe. Oh and there’s some grass and sea and stuff too.

Devils Peak has stormed my castle of a beer fridge and taken up every shelf. I am now buying in bulk. The IPA is very flavorful. And each time I open one, it takes me back to some bar in USA where I first discovered IPA, and it is good. It’s not a “session” beer as the kids call it. It’s meant to be savoured. But if you want a session beer, look no further than their Saison. Fruity, but drinkable, I may or may not have ‘klapped’ 4 of these in the sun at Sotano the other day.

And Union Berne

Good old Bernie aka The Redhead. She never ages…

Don’t forget And Union though. I got a bit spoiled for choice and didn’t have one for a while. (3 or more days…) But that first sip of a Berne or Dark or Unfiltered and I get a silly smile on my face. Because I remember/blame them for my current obsession with beer (beer belly). Flavorful, yet drinkable, their beers deserve to kick as much ass as they are around the country and even overseas. The Beast of the Deep is my chosen winter beer, a delightful Bock, and I can’t wait for their upcoming IPA!

Craft beers at El Burro

Some of the beer available at El Burro. And sometimes he even sells it.

I haven’t got through all the options. Because, like rainbows and kittens, these are just a few of my favourite beers. There’s plenty more options. Napier, Camelthorn, Mitchell’s, Darling, Three Skulls… There’re more, but I’m kinda engrossed in this Raven Stout from Mitchell’s at the moment as I contemplate all the new beers that are going to be at the Cape Town Festival of Beer.

2 Responses to “The craft beer ‘scene’ in Cape Town”

  1. Eugeneugene November 21, 2012 at 9:55 AM #

    I bow to your superior craft beer knowledge and realise that I need to put more effort into my research. I have noticed though that when I drink Windhoek Lager I get a subtle taste of the sea breeze wafting over the dunes. Also, when quaffing a Heineken the other day I swore I got some Dutch brewery employee on the “nose”. This was at The Shack though so it may just have been that the cleaning lady hadn’t come in yet.

    • WannabeBond November 21, 2012 at 10:19 AM #

      If you’re tasting sand, you should probably check with your supplier…

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