Burrata. The best pizza in Cape Town?

27 Nov
Burrata pizza

37 seconds later this pizza was no more. RIP pizza, RIP.

Burrata. Before you ask, it’s a kind of Italian cheese. I think it’s cheese stuffed with cheese, or cream. Deep fry it, and you’re in America. But I digress. It’s also the name of a new restaurant in Cape Town. Its an Italian restaurant, but before your eyes glaze over, it has one or two defining features.

It’s almost sacrilege to call any pizza the best pizza in Cape Town. I naively tried that 2 years ago. I’m sorry. I was young. But, I am pretty confident I can say Burrata has the best Napolitan (Napolese?) pizza in Cape Town. For those of you (me) whose extent of knowledge of Italian food growing up was the kids menu at Spur, Napolitan often means tomato based pasta sauce. This is not that.

On a recentish visit to Italy, I had the best pizza n the world. Literally. I wrote that. Google agreed. And for the ladies out there who were merciful enough to watch Eat, Pray, Love alone, it was at the same pizzeria that Julia Roberts ate at. The pizza in Napoli is nothing like you’ve ever had. It has no more than 3 toppings. And two of those is cheese and tomato base. The magic in these pizzas is actually the base, the dough, the stuff that is normally just there as something to layer topping on. In Napoli, the base is the pizza. It’s GOOD!

And I am so glad that Burrata is using that as their standard, when making a pizza. They even imported a pizza oven from Italy to ensure they wouldn’t miss that mark.

And they don’t. All pizza pales in comparison to a Burrata pizza.

But wait, there’s more. They do other Italian food that is simply great. And the wine list…. Aaahh, the wine list. There are no Durbanville Hills umbrellas here. The wines are from unique, boutique vineyards, and reasonably priced. It’s so nice to spot a wine that you tasted at that little farm that one time where the taster guy told you about that time his dog did that thing with the duck. And then order it. And then drink it.

But try the pizza.

4 Responses to “Burrata. The best pizza in Cape Town?”

  1. Hennie @ Batonage November 28, 2012 at 11:24 AM #

    Burrata is a type of mozzarella. The outer layer is a solid layer of mozzarella cheese while the inside is cheese and cream. You can order burrata at Burrata. Its fairly bland, but very creamy.

    • WannabeBond November 28, 2012 at 12:00 PM #

      So what you’re saying is stick a chorizo through the middle, deep fry it, and… heaven?

  2. Hennie @ Batonage November 28, 2012 at 1:13 PM #

    Mmmm… I think dry fry the chorizo to get rid of some of the fat, and then stick it in the unfried cheese. That should be pretty awesome. You and your British deep frying tendencies – bloody agent.

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