Science debunked

18 Aug

Brain scan of a scientist

Science has once again triumphed. It has ‘debunked’a wide held theory that people are left-brained or right-brained. How did ‘science’ manage this? They stuck 1000 people in an MRI and asked to think about nothing, then noted that no one had dominant activity on the right or left side of the brain.

A synopsis of the findings, here, says that is definitive proof. I would agree. But I won’t. If you ask someone to think about nothing, and they succeed, you wouldn’t see activity. Or if they didn’t succeed, they would most likely be staring at the blank white roof of the MRI machine thinking “Geez, they could really have been more creative” or “Geez, I wonder how they made such a clever machine so mind numbingly boring to be inside of.”

I heard a scientific fact the other day: You can’t prove the negative. So all the scientists trying to prove stuff doesn’t exist, just stop. You can’t do it. Scientific fact! Rather spend your time on something useful. Like hoverboards.

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