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Watching TV in the 21st century – Updated

21 Nov

We've moved on...

Remember the days of simulcast on TV4? And Open Time? And VCR’s? Well, we’ve come a long way. We have DSTV and PVR’s now! And yet, thanks to the powers that be in the film and tv industry we can still find out who won Hells Kitchen long before the first episode has aired in South Africa.

Well, not me. I prefer my brain turned to jelly in almost real time and so I’ve put together a little system to keep me up to the minute. So my system downloads TV shows as soon as they are available, does some stuff, and when I sit on my couch, I have a list of unwatched shows ready for me to view. And being the wind of change that I am, I’m going to share with you how. Continue reading

Rant: MWEB and Telkom. Frying pan and fire.

14 Jun

So what’s actually involved in moving your ADSL line that is with MWEB? It’s not a matter of just calling them. And its not a matter of calling Telkom.

Here’s what I went through:

  1. Call Telkom.
  2. Guess which is correct option to choose. I didn’t choose 1 for ‘Simple.’
  3. Type in telephone number.
  4. Wait. A lot.
  5. Get through. Get asked telephone number.
  6. Push fingers through eyeballs.
  7. Give name, cell number, ID number, address, previous address, and first pets license number.
  8. Get told by operator, ‘Sorry, this line is with Mweb. You must call them.’
  9. Have a stiff whisky.
  10. Call Mweb. Listen to guy say ‘Any changes will take extra long.’
  11. Sigh. A lot.
  12. Get through. Smile as operator actually speaks English.
  13. Get told “No problem, I’ll mail you a Moving form, send it back, we’ll handle the rest.”
  14. Receive form. Notice heading is Moving form. But form is for canceling subscription.
  15. Fill in form, using psychic abilities to decipher the jargon, all the while worrying they might actually cancel your account.
  16. Send back form. Get an email a day or two later saying, they will SMS you when its done.
  17. Smile.
  18. Wait.
  19. Wait more.
  20. Chew nails.
  21. Move house.
  22. Call Telkom for an update. (See points 1 to 7.)
  23. Get told by Telkom operator, no request exists.
  24. Throw paper airplane off balcony as you try to achieve Zen.
  25. Call Mweb. (See points 10 to 12.)
  26. Get told, “Request has been made to give line back to Telkom. Let me find reference number and I’ll call you back.”
  27. Hang up. Then wonder about that ‘give line back to Telkom’ comment.
  28. Never get called back.
  29. Receive email from MWEB saying you have used your 1GB cap. Assume they’ve lost it, cos “I’ve got uncapped.”
  30. Receive another email saying ‘You are now paying 20c a Megabyte.
  31. Say WTF very loud.
  32. Phone Mweb. Say WTF, but nicer.
  33. Get told, “standard policy is drop clients to lowest package when they move.” Explain, you are still using the line, and need uncapped. Ask about transfer. Get confirmation, “Telkom has been informed and here is reference number.”
  34. Call Telkom (point 1-7). Get told, ‘Yes Mweb has passed line back.’ Enquire about moving of line. “Yes you can now request for the line to be moved.”
  35. Wish you were in a cot, so you could throw your toys out of it.
  36. Request move. Get informed it will take 21 WORKING days.
  37. Twiddle your thumbs for 1 month…
Still twiddling. Expected date of transfer is 27th. After calling Telkom on 17th May.
Brilliant. By the way, this is to move a line from one flat in the building to another one IN THE SAME BUILDING.

Super 15 rugby – The calendar for iCal 2011

21 Feb

UPDATE: 2012 Calendar here.

Is it bad I’m more excited about the Super 15 than the Soccer World Cup? Is it? It is with “that” logo. My 5 year old nephew could have designed something better. Is it Super XV? Super 15? Super Rugby 15? Its SupeRugby, so just might be.

"That" logo. Blech. Click for calendar.

But at least the rugby is good. Of course it’s even better when there is a bit of rivalry amongst mates, provided by SuperBru of course. If you’re keen to try your luck, come join our pool. The code is “deanthaw”.

So you don’t miss a thing, make sure to import this calendar of all the events into your Mac iCal, Google Calendar, iPhone, Outlook, etc. Actually don’t know about that Outlook thing. But that’s your problem. You really should be using a Mac.

Download here.


Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with new iOS 4.2.1

26 Nov

1. Untethered: Normal jailbreak.
iPhone 3G
Old-Bootrom iPhone 3GS
Non-MC iPod Touch 2G

2. Tethered: Has to be plugged in to Mac/PC when rebooting phone to start jailbreak.
iPhone 4
New-Bootrom iPhone 3GS
MC iPod Touch 2G
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4

3. Download iOS 4.2.1 firmwares:

4. Download Redsn0w0.9.6b4:
Mac –…
Windows –….

5. Upgrade your phone to latest software in iTunes. You can use the firmware you downloaded by clicking Option-Update and then searching for the firmware file. Saves you downloading it twice.

6. Connect your phone to Mac, and switch it off. Run Redsnow, following the instructions.

7. If all goes well, you should be done. If it doesn’t:
! Unexpected Error !
This is an error that I received on my iMac. Redsn0w0.9.6b4 skipped DFU mode and gave me an unexpected error during the jailbreak process. I did a bit of research and found no real answer other than to try another computer. Used my Macbook, and it worked like a charm. Weird.

Good luck.


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